More Than Just Talk.

Reconnect with Yourself.

A “Walk and Talk” is psychotherapy while sitting, walking or hiking out in green spaces.
Also dance as therapy and authentic movement sessions outdoors!
Fully EMDR trained by Fall 2022


In-Person in Richmond, VA or online anywhere in Virginia.

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También completo evaluaciones para inmigración.


“I just went another day feeling really stressed at work and not feeling very good about my self. I want to feel connected and good about my work, myself, Sam, the kids, my body, spiritually…”   

Learn and practice effective tools to MOVE toward your ideal self, relationships, and life experience. We rehearse practical skills during sessions so you can do this in your life on your own. Notice your beauty, strengths and AWESOMENESS and grow these strengths and abilities. 

Why are Walk and Talks so effective?

Walk and Talks feel more natural than sitting in an office staring at someone. People tend to speak more freely and easily while walking and talking. This is also a way to fit in some new movement and exercise in our busy lives. Also connection to nature is essential to wellness. Regular exercise can be equivalent to the benefits of an antianxiety/depressant medication without the side effects and with the additional benefit of strengthening our hearts and bodies.  

Powerful experiences happen in green spaces. Nature heals and teaches. Our blood pressure and stress hormones naturally decrease. The ambient air, sound, and sights activate parts of our brain the indoors cannot. A sense of belonging emerges. When we have a deeper relationship with nature, we want to take better care of the earth, each other, and ourselves. 

A Strength and Solution Focused Approach

You’re not sitting in an office with someone saying, “Mmmhmmm” – and focusing on what is wrong. During Walk and Talks with Yvette, you are out walking and hiking in nature having fun and identifying your strengths and abilities. We are also seriously talking about your dreams, solutions to problems, and steps to get there. 

You don’t have to do this alone or without a professional. When our car breaks down or is making a strange sound, we take it to a mechanic. Our minds, spirits, and bodies are just as important.

Nature and movement therapy with Yvette will give you the tools and the experience to literally move to how you want to be and experience the world.

Let me guide you to move toward your ideal self, relationships, body, and life experience by the transformative power of nature and movement. Call me at (804) 409-0268 or complete the contact form below.

Let’s Talk

Hi, I’m Yvette.

I love helping adults and teens as well as couples and families using the power of nature, movement and psychotherapy. We go from stressed and disconnected to feeling rejuvenated and a strong connection to yourself, others, and nature.

While hiking and soaking up nature in green spaces, I love to help you practice and rehearse practical tools that are both simple and revolutionary.

MOVE toward your ideal self, body, relationships, and life experience.

I am a licensed psychotherapist who studied a holistic approach to psychotherapy in San Francisco’s California Institute of Integral Studies. I am a parent, partner, and social activist – also a dancer and artist.

Immigration Evaluations – I’ve been completing comprehensive evaluations since 2007. I have specifically been administering evaluations for immigration cases (Hardship Waivers, U-Visa, VAWA, and Asylum) in the Spanish language since 2016.

As a board-licensed psychotherapist, I am credentialed to diagnose clients. In the Virginia court system for Henrico and Chesterfield Counties, I have been cross-examined and deemed an expert in trauma and can be an expert to your case.

What I Offer

Nature and Movement
Therapy Sessions

Psychotherapy out in nature! Hiking on trails, enjoying the beautiful James River… including weight loss program.

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Take time for your current or future relationships! Learn and practice ways to increase joy and intimacy.

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You are making important steps in your immigration case. Está haciendo los pasos importantes en su caso de inmigración.

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Expressive Arts

Stretch, move mindfully, and listen to your body. Express yourself through movement, dance, and sound.

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