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"How can we all feel safe enough to be who we are or just simply be?

How can we experience
exquisite presence, bliss even,
without the holding?"

Yvette Coronado

   Nature & Movement Therapist

     Virginia Board Licensed Psychotherapist. 

Yvette works primarily with individuals and couples who

are ready to overcome relational difficulties, feelings of disconnection, anxiety, or a difficult past.

She gives effective tools to MOVE towards one’s ideal

and truest self, relationships, and life experience.

She does this through the power of nature,

movement, and psychotherapy.

Yvette has been fully trained in EMDR.

She also has specific training geared toward relationships being a licensed marriage (couples) and family therapist (LMFT).

See her Psychology Today profile. 

Joy has learned how positive and effective some approaches can be, and how others can cause negativity and frustration.


She helps families create a calm and positive household.


Individually or in small groups - parents can ask questions, learn, and create change with more confidence.

Joy has worked with children in many capacities -

a parent of two, as a Mad Science teacher and also worked in a Montessori school , a neighborhood preschool coop creator, and now a preschool educator. of 3 and 4 year olds! 


Parent Coaching with Joy!


"I’ve always loved being with young kids, and watching how they move through the world.
They are so adaptive, interesting, inquisitive, and capable!"


Chris Mercer

Life Coach Teacher and Activist

Yvette and Chris facilitate the
Couples Sessions 
We are both LGBTQIA positive
and POLY positive as well!

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