Everyone needs support.

Expansion and change can be so uncomfortable, even painful. Whether you are a young, middle-aged, or older person, moving toward a more ideal life experience can be slow going without support.

How one relates to others, themselves, the world, earth, or spirit is an art. I love supporting people in creating the relationships they want. The many colors, mistakes, masterpieces you have made and will make…

Move into a new day.

You’re ready to work toward your physical, relational, and mental health goals and get from feeling stressed and disconnected to rejuvenated and connected.

I can give you effective tools to MOVE toward your ideal self, body, relationships, and life experience.

We will do this through the power of nature, movement, and psychotherapy.

There is more – more acceptance, beauty, and fun to life.

About Me

I have been working as a counselor for over 18 years. I am a Virginia board-licensed couples and family psychotherapist. I bring training, research, and curriculum to compliment my passion to listen to people’s unique experiences and strengths. I love providing support and guidance towards your goals and solutions to managing individual and relational stress and difficulties.

I am non-judgmental and compassionate, and encourage deep reflection, empowerment, and accountability of one’s experience and situation.

I facilitate nature and movement sessions. This is basically movement, exercise, and psychotherapy outside in green spaces in Richmond, Virginia or in a home office surrounded by trees. During therapy sessions with adults, children, couples and families, I found people felt better when they were moving and out in nature.

As a dancer and an artist, I love to employ expressive arts therapy with clients who prefer this way of working or are interested in trying it out to deepen the talk therapy.

LGBTQ+ Positive. Kink Positive. Poly Positive. Sex Positive. Race and Gender Aware. Love Positive.

Working with relationships in relationship

My partner, Chris Mercer, and I facilitate the private and group relationship work/funshops. We have known each other for over 20 years and like to joke that we have been in “matrimonial bliss” for 15 years.

Joke because it’s not always like that. We have worked together through trauma from adverse childhood experiences.

We have struggled together through mental and physical health issues. Plus, raising two children can put a strain on a romantic relationship.

We practice what we preach

Our steps toward greater intimacy, mental wellness, and actual bliss have been because we are honest about our individual and relational needs, and seek evidenced-based practices and support.

Chris and I are passionate about helping others toward more peace, connection, and ecstatic joy!

Making way for many stories to be heard

We appreciate speaking with and listening to all individuals and couples, including those who have a tendency of being marginalized.

Chris and I understand that gender identity, gender, sexuality, religion, race, culture… all matter and don’t matter in some way.

Our curriculum is presented in a non-binary, universal, and culturally sensitive manner.

Chris has been a teacher and coach for over 15 years.

He is a phenomenal teacher and storyteller, and breaks relationship concepts down in a memorable and an easy to understand way.

His sense of humor helps others discuss uncomfortable topics in a fun and direct manner.

He has an exceptional ability to listen deeply, think critically, and, as a trained life coach, knows exactly how to ask the right questions for you to find your own answers.

We believe in a holistic perspective.

Much of our work/fun-shops focus on the present with appreciation and practical ways to navigate the complexities of life and our histories.

When not facilitating retreats, we enjoy watching serious comedies with a social justice angle, cuddling with each other and our two children, and going outdoors.