Find relief. Create the life experience you want.

Tired of what’s going on in the world, your mind, or your relationships?

Learn and practice tools towards your ideal life experience and world.

This is your own revolution. Your own movement.

We are outside walking, stretching, sitting, hiking, dancing…  whatever movement that fits you!

Yvette Coronado, LMFT

Yvette Coronado is a licensed psychotherapist who combines movement and exercise and psychotherapy out in nature. She believes in you and a holistic approach to increasing wellness. We will infuse evidence-based practices into your unique life, strengths, and abilities.  We are literally moving towards feeling better so we can fully enjoy the beauty of the world and feel the power to change what we can.

Change can happen both within and outside of ourselves simultaneously.

We don’t have to do this alone. Fill out the form below or call me (804) 409-0268 to set up a time to learn more or schedule your first Nature and Movement Therapy session.