More Than Just Talk Therapy

You’re ready to work toward your mental, relational, spiritual, and physical health goals.

Offering teletherapy – phone and video sessions.

Still meeting people in wide open green spaces, while adhering strictly to social distancing guidelines.

“I just went another day feeling really stressed and not feeling very good about my self. I want to feel connected and good about my work, myself, Sam, the kids, my body, spiritually…”   

Learn and practice effective tools to MOVE toward your ideal self, relationships, and life experience. We rehearse practical skills during sessions so you can do this in your life on your own. Notice your beauty, strengths and AWESOMENESS and grow these strengths and abilities. 

Imagine going to a therapy session in an office surrounded by windows and trees or meeting out in a green space and going for a walk or hike.

We are not just sitting in a stuffy office staring at each other. It feels more natural to walk and talk and sit in nature and explore the possibilities. We are also getting new movement and exercise and connection to nature, which are essential to optimal wellness and changing old patterns.

From stressed and disconnected to rejuvenated and connected.

Yvette Coronado is a licensed psychotherapist and infuses evidence-based practices into your unique life, strengths, and abilities.  We are literally moving towards feeling better. 

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There is more – more acceptance, beauty, and fun to life and relationships.

Relieve stress and rejuvenate. Enhance well being and relationships. Align your life to your meaning for more fulfillment.

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