Nature and Movement Therapy Sessions

Is this for me?

“It’s endless, my to-do list. All the things I gotta take care of – with the kids, the house, much less trying to work on my relationship with Sam. I feel awful about our argument yesterday. I would like some more control over my thoughts and emotions. She looked so disappointed in me.”

“I’m done – put a fork in me! Another day has gone by, and again I’m not making time to exercise or do the self-care I want to do. I’m so freakin’ busy. I want to feel more present, connected… AND my doctor keeps telling me to lose some weight, and I’m ready…”

“I just need a walk. I feel so peaceful being outside. I’m just not feeling motivated to do any of it, though. I feel stuck. Maybe I should start therapy again? Nah! Sit around in an office talking about my problems. It sorta helped last time, though.”

“Hmmmm… what’s this all about? Nature and movement therapy. Ooh! Exercise, being outside in nature, AND therapy?”

Nature and movement therapy is both a simple and revolutionary way to get connected to yourself, nature, your body, and where and how you want to be.

During your psychotherapy session, we are soaking up nature, hiking, relaxing, and playing…

Therapy or exercise?

Actually, it’s both. We are walking and talking!

Where do we meet?

Green spaces in Richmond, Virginia, or online at a green space of your choice, or in the comfort of your own home.

What do we do?

Like always, we work on your mental and physical health, and your relationship goals; but we harness the healing power of nature to enhance your therapy.

Clear your mind while you oxygenate your cells and feast your senses.

Leisurely walking or strenuous hiking.

We also practice stillness. Rest and meditate in nature; practice deep relaxation and reflection.

Breathe, move, and feel inspired and empowered by the transformative power of nature and movement!

Why do we do it?

Success and family relationships are important to you.

You give so much – you love what you do most days, but you’re just depleted. There’s just too much to do, and you want to spend your extra time with family and friends. So why not get therapeutic support and exercise done at once. Sure, you get to the gym, sometimes, but feel kind of bored and lonely when you go.

Stress relief is high on your list. You feel most relaxed being out in nature or want to learn how to connect to nature more.

And you’ve known for a while that you may need someone to talk to other than friends and family.

What do you have to lose? (Except the weight)

“I’ve joined a gym, gone to a nutritionist, been to a doctor, tried a ba-jillion different foods, natural remedies, diets and programs – and I’m still not where I want to be weight wise, not to mention keeping the weight I do lose off.”

Nature and movement psychotherapy can be the missing piece of the puzzle! It can help you identify ways past the mental blocks and habits. Therapeutic practices added to your weight loss goals can finally move you where you want to be both mentally and physically.

Address comfort eating.

How do we practice?

We walk and hike during our session, so we are getting exercise while we get the tools we need. I use cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and feelings acceptance and commitment therapy – all of these methods are highly effective in working through cravings.

Harness the healing and balancing power of nature.

Reach out today by calling (804) 409-0268. Start your journey of healing inside and out.

Nature and Movement Therapy provides exercise, connection, and psychotherapy and guidance toward your goals.

Location Addresses

All locations have free parking except state parks.

RICHMOND (Northside)
Maymont Park, 1700 Hampton St., Richmond, VA 23220
(Meet at gazebo right inside Hampton St. entrance of Maymont Park before you get to mansion.)

Belle Isle, Belle Isle Parking Lot, 344 Tradegar St., Richmond, VA 23219

Byrd Park, 600 S Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220
(Can meet at Carillon or Vitacourse.)

Texas Beach – James River, 1907 Texas Ave, Richmond, VA 23220 (Meet at trail map board stand at entrance in parking lot.)


RICHMOND (Southside)
Pony Pasture 7310 Riverside Dr, Richmond, VA 23225 (Meet at trail map board stand in parking lot.)

Forest Hill Park
New Kent Ave. and W. 42nd St, Richmond, VA 23225 (Where South of the James Market, farmers’ market meets)



Cheswick Park 1700 Forest Ave, Henrico, VA 23229 (Meet at picnic tables to right of shelter.)