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No babysitting or don't want to leave them?

If a babysitter is not possible or you do not want to leave them because this is your family's preference, just bring them!


For Relationship Workshops and Retreats

Do not put this important work and connective experience off. Make it happen. When together as a family, it gives us a more realistic experience of the task of being both with our partners and our children. 

If you want or need to bring your child(ren), we suggest that each person from the couple takes turns attending a workshop. There are 3 workshops that are about two hours long. We may recommend one workshop or part of one over another for each partner, depending on the results of your intake questionnaire/interview. 

We provide independent curriculum to practice between workshops and after the retreat. Many are child friendly or that you can do when they are occupied and during nap or bedtime. Many of the activities can be done out in nature and on the trails with the whole family.


During the one optional private consultation (which is more or less 30 minutes long) children can attend. We will provide a noise machine to block the conversation. You may bring some of their play items or headphones for them to listen or watch something during the consultation.  

You are welcome to arrange your own private babysitting sometime during the retreat so both of you can attend some of the same workshops at the same time or go out for the evening. We highly recommend this!

If only one partner can attend at a time or one partner comes to the retreat, we offer one extra online or in person private session after the retreat at no additional cost. One partner or both partners can use this session together.

Children are not allowed for the shared lodging option due to noise level. The cost of the retreat is $366 less with no lodging and an additional $30 less if you do not partake of the 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch provided.

We recommend that friends with children attend to take turns babysitting and to share lodging expenses!


Camping is also a great experience and less expensive or free depending on which campsite you choose. We recommend reserving sites ahead of time.

At this time we do not offer any babysitting for retreats and workshops. We hope to arrange a shared babysitter at future retreats some day.


We do want to encourage couples to make the time, investment and effort finding a babysitter. Our children thrive not just from our care and attention. They also thrive and learn from watching us as a couple. Let's take time, if at all possible, being together just as a couple to give each other and our  relationship 100% attention.

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