Relationship Work/Fun-Shops

Too much fun to be called work

Two to three hours of power: experience a relationship infusion in a comfortable, non-traditional, even fun setting!

In these stimulating, thought-provoking sessions, tailored specifically to your unique needs, you’ll take away all the nuts and bolts you need to strengthen your current – or future – relationship, minimize conflict, and maximize closeness and intimacy.

Two ways to participate

Private: Approximately two hours long with a follow-up session a month later.

Group: Approximately three hours long with a maximum of six people.

How it works

Regardless of the format you choose, you are sure to enjoy yourselves and learn and practice how to connect with one another in new ways.

First, we’ll schedule a private consultation beforehand to learn about your unique situation and goals.

You’ll engage in a fun and powerful curriculum. We’ll practice it while you’re there; and you’ll receive materials to take home, so you can continue practicing once you’ve completed the session.

You’re in good hands. I have been trained and have experience specifically working with couples and families as an LMFT – licensed marriage (couples) and family therapist.

What can be the cost NOT to attend?

Are you missing out on more?

Maybe the cost is wondering whether you could have an exceptional relationship. Everyone likes to say that all couples argue; however, exceptional intimate relationships exist; and you, too, can cultivate one with guidance.

Perhaps the cost is mediocrity – continuing to have merely a “good” or “okay” relationship or sex life, going on for years feeling somewhat – or very – distant from your partner or repeating the same arguments for years to come.

Maybe it’s confusion and uncertainty – fixating on what happened to your last relationships and focusing on blame and recreating similar interactions in future relationships.

You spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on material items or on vacations that you come back from tired, somewhat renewed, and, if you’re lucky, with a few cool memories.

What if you could get more?

Work/fun-shop retreats can rejuvenate you, can help you feel more love, connection, and joy – perhaps even to a level that you didn’t think possible.

Most importantly, you’ll gain the support, practices, and tools to maintain this progress toward more passion, intimacy, joy, and gratitude for your current or future relationship.

Relationship Work/Fun-Shop FAQs

Who can benefit from the work/fun-shops?

They’re for individuals, couples, and friends who want to take their current or future intimate relationships to a higher level of intimacy, respect, and joy.

While we tend to focus on romantic intimate relationships, much of the curriculum directly and indirectly improves all relationships, and it’s tailored to you.

Are you ready, or at least curious, to learn how to create your ideal self and relationships?

Do you want to learn how to better support one another toward growth and wellness? To deepen your connection with loved ones and friends?

Or has your relationship stagnated lately? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to bridge the distance and remove the separation you feel from your loved one? To have guidance and evidence-based practices on new ways to connect?

We’ll do some reflection on past actions in your relationships to identify patterns and ways to break out of them, but we’ll focus primarily on the present moment. You’ll envision and create what you want in the now.

Who should not participate in the work/fun-shops?

This work/fun-shop is not for couples who feel they are on a serious brink of divorce or break-up. Reach out to me to learn about options that will best help you.

Or if you have untreated trauma, a serious untreated mental illness, alcohol or substance abuse, or gambling issues, you’ll need to first seek substantial mental health treatment before coming to a workshop.

It’s also not for couples with any history of aggression toward each other, which includes but is not limited to damage of an intimate partner’s personal property, pushing, or holding or restraining a partner in any way.

It also includes restraining a partner from being aggressive with you, as well as verbal threats of physical violence toward a partner, a partner’s property, or a partner’s loved ones – including pets.

We’ll do an intake assessment to tailor your retreat to your needs and also assess whether this retreat is a good fit. If it’s not, you’ll get a competent referral elsewhere to get you the support you may need.

Any sign of issues of the aforementioned problems or inappropriate behavior toward a partner or anyone in the work/fun-shop can result in immediate removal from session.

What will you learn and experience?

A licensed couples therapist and teacher will be there to support you throughout your process. You do not have to share anything with facilitators or in front of the group.

We’ll integrate nature-based therapeutic activities and movement with inspiration from the top experts in the field of relationships.

You are unique, and your relationship is even more so. You’ll gain both general and specific guidance, support, and privacy to find your own answers and to tweak these evidence-based practices, so they work for you.

You’ll identify exactly what you want in your current and future relationships, and develop your unique steps to get there.

You’ll learn the most recent research about romantic relationships. It’s not just about how to resolve conflict or better communication.

Brain and relationship research reveal where some of the root causes of conflict, disconnection, and pain lie. We can prevent this. We’ll make the subconscious conscious and give you concrete tools to experience love and connection.

You’ll also learn how to become more aware of common relationship conflict. You’ll learn strategies to slow it down, recover more quickly, and even prevent conflict all together.

Our activities will guide you to express your emotions more effectively and authentically; you’ll even come up with more of your own love habits!

You’ll get both general and specific guidance about how to be more joyful and intimate from daily interactions to those more intimate moments.

And you’ll have plenty of practice breaks that will allow you to move and practice in nature!

Are you ready to join in the fun?

Reach out today by calling (804) 409-0268 to find out how a work/fun-shop retreat can transform your relationship.