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Self Love/Care Challenge


Step #1 - Write/type out 20 or more self love practices. No time - scroll to bottom to get

quick ideas to get started. 


Step #2 - Do 3 or more of these acts of self love EVERY day. Yes! Really! (How?! No time?! See below for activities that take NO EXTRA TIME.)


Step #3 - Remind yourself to do them as if they were a must -like brushing your teeth! Add self love 3x a day on your check-off list and check off as you do them. Or you can input reminders digitally in your calendar as “Self Love” events.


#1 Your mental wellness is worth it. You are worth it. You can also do it during your N.E.T. time! Robbins called No Extra Time, NET time. Many of your acts of self love will take no extra time and will actually increase your joy and efficiency!

Examples: Listen to music on the way to work and allow the music to penetrate your senses.  Pay yourself a sincere complement. Give yourself props for all you do! Be grateful for your physical abilities, talents, accomplishments and say them aloud to yourself on the way to work!


Much of what you do already are acts of self love such as drinking water or eating healthily. Add an intention of mindfully with love doing these same things. What’s the difference? Imagine when a loved one makes you a meal and just mindlessly puts the plate in front of you versus saying, “Here you go my love, enjoy!” as she, he or they gives you some eye contact and is present. With every meal or sip you do this for yourself.


Make more time available for self love by doing less activities that are less fulfilling - perusing internet or watching a show. Ideas for rejuvenating activities below.


Some of your self love practices will take 90 seconds i.e. slow deep breathing while relaxing your body and perhaps statements to yourself such as “I deserve to take care of myself.”


Some self love practices can take 20 minutes i.e. a 20 minute much needed nap can help you feel rested. Some activities you create can be an entire weekend or day just for you!!!!


Most acts of self love, that are most fulfilling, are free! The feeling of not having enough time or money often comes from operating in survival mode or spending too much time and money on things that are unfulfilling. You can spend a couple minutes or a couple dollars on nice lotion for yourself and lovingly apply it to yourself. 

A Holistic Approach to Self Love

Holistic Self Love.jpeg



- Feelings Completion: During this process of self love, allow any feelings to come up and allow each feeling to complete its cycle. We oftentimes stop ourselves from feeling too much joy or from crying or remembering a loved one and grieving. That is part of the process. If you are finding many blocks to maintaining a self love practice or even beginning, seek support from someone healthy and positive. 

Get yourself started on the way to self love that will make you feel more energetic, vibrant, and refueled for yourself, your work and loved ones. 


After practicing this even for a day, it will go from feeling like the daily grind or just another day to you not being able to wait to get up in the morning to get started better taking care of yourself!

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